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Alistair McAlpine

Alistair McAlpine

“The internet a load of crap.” a friend said to me the other day.
“That’s a broad statement Jonathon” I said,  “What do you mean a load of crap?”
“Well,” says he, and if you know Jonathon you’ll also know he was an author long before the web tsunami broke on his fragile thatched writer’s hut.
“Well,” says he, “I write something on paper and everyone raves but uploaded no-one wants to know.”
He slaps the side of my monitor as though he were clipping an errant schoolboy around the ear.
“You want some advice?” I offer. Knowing from past experience that giving Jonathon advice requires his permission.
“You’re the expert.” he says and I hear “for what it’s worth” hang silently in the air.
“I’ve read some of your stuff” says I, “it’s not crap but it’s not written for the web.”
I pause, wondering where I should pitch between diplomatic and blunt.
“Oh, the special internet requires special internet writing does it?”
He looks at me over the top of his glasses.
“It’s not the internet you’re writing for Jonathon, it’s the person using it and I’m the first to admit that it’s not easy reading stuff off a screen.”
“As I said, it’s a load of crap.”
“Crap or not, that’s where your readers are and if you want to be read you’ll need to adapt.”
“I’m going out for a coffee”, says he.
I stopped what I was working on and wrote these posts for my friend Jonathon…


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