Alistair McAlpine

A Virtual Museum of Facebook you

In Facebook tips, Recent on August 31, 2011 at 2:14 p08

Your Facebook profile video tour

the museum of me sign

Intel’s Museum of Me is an online app that produces a video tour from content sourced from your Facebook account.

Simple and clever

Grant access, click on ‘Connect to Facebook’ and watch your online life parade as if you are strolling through the rooms of a gallery. The video has an audio track so pop the headphones on if you don’t have speakers attached.

If you liked that – try it again.

Each video rendition draws randomly on images, text and other material linked to your Facebook account, including the pages you Like. Note: material not accessible by everyone is included.

museum of me gallery of images

The one criticism I have is the lack of a ‘save’ feature. If you want to download your personal video you’ll have to use a video capture tool like Camtasia, Fraps etc.

I really liked this – thumbs up Intel.

Thums up sculpture


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