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Adjust OmmWriter music volume

In OmmWriter, Writing tools on August 3, 2011 at 2:14 p08

But leave the keyboard sounds untouchedOmmWriter logo with headphones

OmmWriter is a full-screen simple text editor that plays audio, I use it alongside Scrivener (my word-bench).

As a writer I love the way OmmWriter creates an enveloping environment but as a recording engineer I’m fussy about the sound. Not being able to adjust OmmWriter music and keyboard sounds individually bothered me so I came up with this solution/compromise.

Independently control OmmWriter sound

  1. Locate the Music folder where you installed OmmWriter on your computer.
    On my PC its C:\programs\HerraizSoto\OmmWriter\Resources\Music
  2. Right click on this folder and ‘Create Shortcut’
  3. Copy the new shortcut to the desktop for easy access
  4. Open the shortcut folder and you’ll notice the mp3 music files that play as you use OmmWriter
  5. Play one of these MP3 files in a music player either by double clicking on the file or right-click and select ‘Play’
  6. Set your music player to ‘Repeat’ so that the music plays in a continuous loop
  7. Open OmmWriter and mute the music whilst leaving the keyboard sounds on
  8. You can now fine-tune the volume of the music by adjusting the music player volume control.

Another upside

If I temporarily have to leave OmmWriter to reference information, the music continues playing on the music player and I keep my OmmWriter focus while away from the OmmWriter space. This works for me.

  1. Thanks a million!!! On my computer, for some reason the music was way too loud if I turned the keyboard sounds up loudly enough to hear. I love the program, but I couldn’t use it the way I wanted to and this is just what I needed.

    • Great Sara. I’ve asked the OmmWriter developers to think about including user controls for the sound in future updates. Of course one of their points of difference is the software’s simplicity so we’ll see whether it eventuates. Cheers.

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