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How to migrate your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

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A Personal Profile is bad for businessHomer demonstartes Facebook Personal Account vs Business Page

Previously I explained the difference between a Facebook Personal Profile and a Facebook Business Page.  If you have created a Personal Profile for your business and want to migrate it to a Business Page – read on…

Do you have a Personal Profile?

If you can send and accept friend requests you have a Personal Profile. Business Pages attract Likes.

The consequences of migrating to a Page

What happens when you migrate your Facebook Personal Profile to a Business Page?

  1. Facebook moves your profile images to your new Business Page
  2. Photo albums will NOT be transferred
  3. The information in your profile will NOT be transferred (things like groups, interests, contacts etc)
  4. Your friends on the Personal Profile will automatically Like your new Business Page
  5. Your old Personal Profile Account will become a Business Account
  6. This Business Account will be the administrator of your new page.

Note: You can not migrate your Personal Profile to an existing Business Page (Fan Page).

Backup your Personal Profile first

Make a backup of your Personal Profile information BEFORE you make the conversion. Assuming you have material you want to keep of course.

Just for emphasis: All of your Personal Profile information will NOT be transferred to your new Business Page nor saved by default. The conversion is permanent and you will lose data if you do not do a back-up.

What does the backup store?

  • Personal Profile information like groups, interests, contacts etc.
  • Photos & videos
  • Wall posts
  • Status updates
  • Content that your friends have uploaded
  • Friend lists
  • Notes
  • Messages sent and received
  • Events that you have RSVPed for
  • Comments you have received and made on walls.

Ready? Lets do the migration

  1. Read what Facebook has to say on the subject first
  2. Tell friends of your Personal Profile that you will be converting to a Business Page
  3. Follow these Facebook instructions to make the conversion
  4. Apply your backup information to your new Business Page if necessary
  5. Point any URLs that lead to your Personal Profile to your new Business Page.

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