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Facebook Hotkey Shortcuts

In Facebook tips, Recent on May 17, 2011 at 2:14 p05

Facebook-arm hurting?

Hotkeys for Facebook

Here’s some relief.

More and more mouse users are suffering from the effects of Occupational Overuse Syndrome and are looking for Hotkeys where available.

If you are a heavy Facebook user it might be worth pinning these Hotkeys to the wall.

The Hotkeys

Alt+1 Home
Alt+2 Wall
Alt+3 Friends Request
Alt+4 Messages
Alt+5 Notifications
Alt+6 Account settings
Alt+7 Account privacy config menu
Alt+8 fans group
Alt+9 Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
Alt+0 Help
Alt+? put cursor in Search

Note: To negate a shortcut press Enter.

The Hotkeys are browser dependent as below.

Windows with Internet Explorer.

Activating your Facebook Hotkeys in Internet Explorer is a two step process:

  1. press Alt + #
  2. press Enter

Windows with Firefox.

Press Shift+Alt instead of Alt as in the case of Internet Explorer.

Windows with Chrome.

As for Internet Explorer except no need to press enter after shortcut or enter Alt+# to make short cuts work.
Alt+m in Chrome opens a new message.

Note: Do not use the number pad, use numbers on top of the keyboard.

Image on this page: Yanko Design – Transparent glass keyboard


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