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Tag Facebook photos with Fan Pages

In Facebook tips, Recent on May 15, 2011 at 2:14 p05

Man confused by FacebookAnother new Facebook feature?

Having trouble keeping track of changes to Facebook? Here’s something more to think about.
From yesterday (May 14 2011) you can tag Facebook fan pages in your photos.

Believe it or not more than 3 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month and many of these are ‘tagged‘ to indicate  friends are in their photos. Now you can tag Facebook photos not just with friends but Facebook Pages as well.

Your tagged photo will show on the Fan Page photo’s tab.

Facebook Fan Page tagged to Royal WeddingHow do you do it?

  1. Click on the pic you want to tag
  2. Click on “Tag This Photo”
  3. Type the name of the fan page you wish to tag (you don’t have to be a fan of a page to tag it)
  4. Finished? click “Done Tagging.”

Don’t want your page tagged on photos?

Page admins can disable this feature:
Edit Page > Posting Options > and uncheck “Users can add photos”.

 Details from Facebook:
“A Page can be tagged anywhere that someone can view a photo in the photo viewer. These photos will appear on the Photos tab on the Page, and not on the Wall. In addition, a Page can be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not just people who have Liked your Page.”

Image on this page: – Wedded bliss: Prince Philip and the Queen are pictured as their grandson Peter married Autumn Phillips in 2008


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