Alistair McAlpine

How do your friends see you on Facebook?

In Facebook tips, Recent on May 14, 2011 at 2:14 p05

Two horrified facesSee your wall as friends do

My brother-in-law removed one of the many viral Facebook apps from his wall but wanted to know whether the app’s post still displayed when other people looked at his wall.

“Funny that you don’t see your own wall the same as other people see it.” he frowned.

To see your Facebook wall as friends do:

  • Click on View settingsFacebook privacy settings

      • Click on Preview my profileFacebook Preview my profile


  • Type a name in the Start typing a friend’s name boxFacebook - type in friends name

That’s how your friend sees your Facebook page.

Remember, not everyone will see your Facebook wall the same way , it depends how you’ve tuned your privacy settings.

Image this page: ABC.go. com – Scrubs TV Programme


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