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What pages have you Liked on Facebook?

In Facebook tips, Recent on April 28, 2011 at 2:14 p04

It’s easy to find outMan with face in book

The Like button on Facebook is a powerful tool. But can you remember what you Liked 6 months ago?

A couple of friends of mine lost track of what they liked on Facebook and recently asked me where they can find out.

discover facebook pages page clip

The page they were looking for is Discover Facebook Pages and they’re right, it’s not easy to find. This is what I told them to do:

  1. Click on Discover Facebook Pages  (opens in new window)
  2. Click on My Pages (top right)

You will see a list of pages you Like in Facebook and items from your Facebook Profile page.

What else is on Discover Facebook Pages?

Returning to Discover Facebook Pages you’ll notice the Friends similar to you list on the right. These Facebook friends also Like at least one of the pages you Like. Click on a friend for a list of all their Liked pages and your mutual Likes.

Anything else?

Discover Facebook Pages displays Pages you may be interested in, determined by what you and your friends like.

As I say, Discover Facebook Pages is a useful page but is not easy to find. Hopefully Facebook will change that in their next reshuffle.


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