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Creating your new website FAQ – the Web Writer

In Recent, Writing for the Web on March 19, 2011 at 2:14 p03

Easy reading is damn hard writingWhat can you expect from a Web Writer?

So, you’re getting a new website or upgrading the old one and someone else is writing the content? What can you expect of your writer and what does the Web Writer expect from you?

Q: How long will the writer take to complete my website?

A: It depends. Larger websites can take longer to complete. Websites involving a lot of research are also more time-consuming. Typically, the timeframe can range from two to six weeks, including the first interview.

Q: Are Web Writers experts in the fields they write about?

A: They are experts at research, in-depth interviewing, listening closely to what you have to say, and translating your ideas to the web. You could say they become “temporary experts” on topics they write about on websites.

Q: How do they know what to write about my business or organisation on my website?

A: They’ll listen to what you say and draw out further pertinent information including:

  • audience profile
  • King Kong with the word 'Content' around his neckaudience hot buttons
  • call to action
  • structure
  • branding
  • purpose.

Q: Why can’t I write the website content myself?

A: You could but it would take a long time, involve a steep learning curve, and probably result in a website that was either not so friendly to web users, search engines or both. Successful writing for the web requires in-depth knowledge of things like:

Q: What will be my role during the website writing process?

A: Typically you will:

  • Participate in the first consultation
  • Provide background information
  • Participate in an interview
  • Offer research suggestions
  • Be available to offer guidance throughout the website development process
  • Review drafts of web pages
  • Provide final approval of all web pages

It takes a lot of trust to allow someone you may not know well to write about you or your business. Remember though, you have the final say and don’t be afraid to give direct, thoughtful feedback, this is exactly the guidance a good Web Writer embraces.

All the best for a successful new website!


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