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Google Instant Previews make small sexy

In Recent, Writing for the Web on November 15, 2010 at 2:14 p11

Instant Preview of Gimli the Dwarf

What I might have done differently had I known

Google Instant Preview allows users to view small versions of web pages while scanning search results.

How many users will make click decisions based on 300px page glances? It’s early days. It would be prudent however for web designers to think about this if they want to maximise click-through.

Leverage Instant Preview without compromising your web page design

The impact of Instant Preview on user decision making may or may not influence your web design but I’ve been wondering how I might have designed previous web sites differently.

Let’s analyse the Instant Preview image of one of my web site designs with a view to how it performs, Petone Frameworks

Google Instant Preview - Petone Frameworks screenshot

Google Instant Preview - Petone Frameworks screenshot

  1. Simple look and feel.
    The Instant Preview web page looks well organised, credible and pleasing to the eye. Not bad.
  2. Large branding on the top of the page.
    The company name is readable but only just and is audience exposure even if the page is not opened.
  3. Site description – Large font, keyword rich, short.
    The phrase “Display your Memories, Moments and Treasures with pride” needs to be increased by half to make it readable in Instant Preview and increase click-through .
  4. Large colourful images high on the page.
    The three homepage portal images are interesting and may catch the eye (and click-finger) but the small cluster at the very top look messy.
  5. Breathing space around the edges of the page.
    Instant Preview strips any white space off the sides of the page so they can looked cramped. In this case the clay background keeps the edges at bay.
  6. Interesting, contrasting background colours.
    The clay colour is attractive but consistent across most of the page. If your webpage is long, the preview page will be viewed as one long column. Varied background colour between page partitions creates interest and a sense of order.
  7. Use of backgrounds colours other than white.
    Coloured backgrounds contrast with the white Google page and create definition. My page does OK.
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