Alistair McAlpine

 Two-mic podcast interviews

In Podcasting tips on October 25, 2010 at 2:14 p10

Two microphones used for podcastingUsing two hand-held microphones

Dual mic interviewing can be used for either a stereo podcast or mono.

In this article we’ll discuss how you can take advantage of the off-mic audio that bleeds into your microphones.

When you are recording a podcast interview using two microphones feeding separate channels of a stereo recording device there will likely be ‘bleed’ between your mics. This is often seen as a negative but can be used to your advantage.

What do we mean by ‘bleeding’?

Your voice, and that of your interviewees, will be recorded by both of your microphones.  The voice will be recorded louder on the closest microphone but it will still be picked up by the further mic and this is called ‘bleed’.

The bleed will have different audial characteristics to it’s on-mic counterpart of course because it is off-mic. In other words it will sound further away.

This off-mic audio can be very useful in post-production.

Lets listen to an example of the raw captured audio of an interview using this technique:


This is what the left mic has recorded:


And this is audio from the right mic:


Lets advance to podcast post-production and place your podcast interview into editing software.

podcast interview 2 mic technique

Secondary mic records off-mic audio


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