Alistair McAlpine

Take your podcast out every now and then

In Podcasting tips on October 1, 2010 at 2:14 p10

Dog with microphone in its mouthRecording podcasts in the field

When recording podcast interviews it’s natural to try to reduce the risk of things occurring outside of your control. You might do this by setting up your microphones in a quiet environment or recording via the phone or Skype or some other VOIP.

Their Space is the best place

You’ll find there are great advantages however, in taking the interview to your interviewee and recording on-the-hoof using two hand-held microphones. Your subject is likely to be more relaxed in their own space and more likely to open up, even more so if you are able to engage them in their surroundings or opportunistic events.

Roving mics

Listeners love hearing spontaneous interactions between people and if you are mobile it may be possible to record a mobile interview where there’s a greater chance of an unplanned encounter.

Don’t fear these random events, see them as opportunities to add color, life and spontaneity to your podcast.

Handheld podcast microphones – one or two?


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