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A Virtual Museum of Facebook you

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Your Facebook profile video tour

the museum of me sign

Intel’s Museum of Me is an online app that produces a video tour from content sourced from your Facebook account.


Adjust OmmWriter music volume

In OmmWriter, Writing tools on August 3, 2011 at 2:14 p08

But leave the keyboard sounds untouchedOmmWriter logo with headphones

OmmWriter is a full-screen simple text editor that plays audio, I use it alongside Scrivener (my word-bench).

As a writer I love the way OmmWriter creates an enveloping environment but as a recording engineer I’m fussy about the sound. Not being able to adjust OmmWriter music and keyboard sounds individually bothered me so I came up with this solution/compromise.

How to migrate your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

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A Personal Profile is bad for businessHomer demonstartes Facebook Personal Account vs Business Page

Previously I explained the difference between a Facebook Personal Profile and a Facebook Business Page.  If you have created a Personal Profile for your business and want to migrate it to a Business Page – read on…